Learn How We Make Our Premium Hay Feed for Horses

Learn How We Make Our Premium Hay Feed for Horses

Why is the process Important?

Montana Premium Forage sells premium hay pellets in stores across Montana. We use no binders or additives and nothing but all-natural ingredients when making our hay pellets. Quality is our number one concern, so you can count on us to provide hay pellets that your horses will thrive on.

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What's involved in our pellet making process?

We take pride in manufacturing premium hay feed using all-natural ingredients, which is why:

  • We wait for the best weather windows to harvest and sun-cure our hay
  • We store and protect our hay until it's processed at the plant using modern high-tech equipment
  • We use high-pressure forming presses to keep pellets in perfect form
  • We run the pellets through our cooling system so they won't get humid in the bags
  • 1/4" pellets are the perfect size for horses, mules, cows and calves, llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats and even pig

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